It is hard to imagine any organizational or planning challenge which does not require engagement of an organization’s team and its stakeholders. Facilitation and engagement are key to almost everything I do. 

All of my engagement work is rooted in thorough diagnostics, getting to really understand your needs and working on core matters which will help bring positive, sustained change.




Dutch Creek and its hoodoos in summer. Jim Cullen photo.


I have developed and delivered a wide variety of workshops, ranging from a few hours to several days, often combining elements of problem solving, learning, team building and organizational effectiveness. My intention is for participants to leave sessions with understanding of, and commitment to, solutions by being well-engaged in collaborative and practical discussions.

Examples of workshop topics I have delivered:

   * Learning
   * Safety culture
   * Organizational effectiveness
   * Team visioning
   * Planning and building
   * Dialogue and problem solving

I often collaborate with other facilitators in developing and delivering workshops. If you have established content which you need delivered in a credible and collaborative way, I would be happy to do this for you.

Stakeholder Engagement

Museums and non-profit organizations have a major opportunity to engage their stakeholders more frequently, intentionally and effectively. Stakeholder engagement is an essential ingredient to providing public value, anticipating community needs and in doing sound strategic planning and thinking. Successful stakeholder engagement with internal and external stakeholders is an essential part of my strategic planning process.